Oluvil Harbour

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Oluvil Harbour
Country Sri Lanka
Location Oluvil, Ampara District
Coordinates 07°16′30″N 81°52′00″E / 7.27500°N 81.86667°E / 7.27500; 81.86667Coordinates: 07°16′30″N 81°52′00″E / 7.27500°N 81.86667°E / 7.27500; 81.86667
Opened September 1, 2013[1]
Operated by Sri Lanka Ports Authority
Type of harbor Commercial & Fishery
Size of harbor 16 ha (40 acres)[2]
Land area 165 ha (410 acres)[3]

The Oluvil Harbour is a commercial and fishery harbour located in Ampara District, Eastern Province, Sri Lanka. The port was opened on 1 September 2013, its construction having begun in 2008 under the Nagenahira Navodaya programme.

It covers a land area of 60 ha (148 acres) in the first stage and 105 ha (259 acres) in the second stage. The harbor basin covers an area of 16 ha (40 acres) of the sea and spreads 1.2 km (1 mi) along the coast line. Simultaneously, the commercial harbour has enough depth to handle ships up to 5,000 metric tons and the fishery harbour can hold more than 250 fishing boats.[4]

A project to upgrade the harbour to accommodate larger fishing vessels was launched in 2015 by the Port Authority, Naval Ministry and the Ministry of Fisheries.[5]