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Flavius Olybrius (floruit 491) was an aristocrat of the Eastern Roman Empire, and consul for 491. He is sometimes referred to as "Olybrius Junior" in the sources. Alan Cameron explains, "It may be that, alone among the consuls here discussed, Olybrius was actually known as 'Olybrius the younger' in social as well as consular contexts. Nor is it hard to think of a reason why: he became consul as a mere child, barely ten years old, perhaps even less."[1]


Anicia Juliana, Olybrius' mother

Olybrius was the son of Areobindus Dagalaiphus Areobindus, Magister Militum from 503 to 504 and consul in 506, and of Anicia Juliana, the daughter of the Western Roman Emperor Olybrius (472) and of Placidia, who was in turn the daughter of the Western Roman Emperor Valentinian III (425-455).

He was appointed consul at a very young age in 491. Afterwards Olybrius married Irene, the daughter of Paulus and niece of Eastern Roman Emperor Anastasius I (491-518); Anastasius wanted to strengthen his rule through a bond with the House of Theodosius through this marriage. Olybrius and Irene had only daughters, including Proba, who married Anicius Probus Iunior.



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Political offices
Preceded by
Anicius Probus Faustus iunior,
Consul of the Roman Empire
Succeeded by
Anastasius I,