Olympia (comics)

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Race(s) Eternals
First appearance Eternals #5 (Nov 1976)
Publisher Marvel Comics
Creators Jack Kirby

Olympia is a fictional city in the Marvel Universe. It first appeared in Eternals #5 (Nov 1976) and was created by Jack Kirby.

Fictional history[edit]

Olympia is the principal city of the Eternals of Earth. It is located in the mountains of Greece, reportedly on Mount Olympus.

Zuras directed the construction of Olympia after the destruction of the Eternals’ first city, Titanos. Two other Eternal cities were founded: Polaria (in Siberia), and Oceana (in the Pacific). Olympia became the capital city.

Olympia is known as the site where the Celestial Third Host appeared. The Eternals also formed their Uni-Mind about the city's Tower of the Uni-Mind. Far beneath the city are the Chambers of Power, which hold mighty engines that power Olympia's advanced technology.

In Neil Gaiman's Eternals series, Olympia is located in the Antarctic.