Olympia Theatre (Dublin)

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Olympia Theatre
Olympia Theatre Dublin entrance in 2009.JPG
Front entrance in August 2009
Former names Star of Erin Music Hall (1879 - 1881)
Dan Lowrey's Music Hall(1881 - 1889)
Dan Lowrey's Palace of Varieties(1889 - 1897
Empire Palace Theatre (1897 - ?)
Alternative names The Olympia
General information
Type Concert and events venue
Location 72 Dame Street
Country Ireland
Opening 1879
Other information
Seating capacity


1,600 (standing and seated)

The Olympia Theatre is a concert hall and theatre venue in Dublin, Ireland, located in Dame Street.


Opened as 'The Star of Erin' music hall in 1879 and was then renamed Dan Lowerys Music Hall in 1881. It was finally given the name of The Olympia Theatre in 1923. It ran successfully for many years up to November 1974 when it was forced to close following major structural damage (during a break in rehearsals for a production of West Side Story parts of the proscenium arch and the ceiling above collapsed). The possibility of demolishing the building was considered by the local Council and the owners, however a restoration fund was begun and City Councillors eventually placed a preservation order on the theatre.

The theatre was restored and redecorated, allowing it to reopen on 14 March 1977.[1] In November 2004, a truck reversing on Dame Street crashed into the front of the Olympia damaging the building.[2] A cast-iron and glass canopy from the 1890s, by the Saracen Foundry in Glasgow, was demolished during the accident but has since been restored.

Performance history[edit]

The venue hosts both domestic and international acts, including Adele, Elvis Costello, Moving Hearts, Aslan, The Script, Kaiser Chiefs, Billy Connolly and Chris Cornell amongst others. R.E.M. recorded their album Live at the Olympia at the venue. Erasure played here two consecutive sold-out shows during their Total Pop Tour in June 2011 recording footage used for the videoclip of their single When I Start To (Break It All Down). The band played again at the Olympia for two others consecutive sold-out shows in 2014 for their The Violet Flame Tour: during these shows they recorded footage used later for the Sacred video.Tom Waits recorded his live version of The Piano Has Been Drinking here, released in 1981 on the Bounced Checks compilation. Tori Amos played her first European gig in the Olympia. In September 2015, Sweden's Eurovision Song Contest winner Måns Zelmerlöw will kick off a 17-date European tour at the venue.

Pantomime history[edit]

The Olympia along with Dublin's Gaiety Theatre and The Helix Theatre presents an annual Christmas pantomimes. Its most recent productions have been Aladdin, Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, Robin Hood and last year's revival of Cinderella which starred Jedward as the Fairy Godbrothers. This year the Olympia pantomime features Jedward once again in Jedward and the Beanstalk.

In addition, the film An Awfully Big Adventure shot many of its scenes at the theatre.

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