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Komiteti Olimpik Kombëtar Shqiptar
Olympic Committee of Albania logo.svg
Komiteti Olimpik Kombëtar Shqiptar logo
Country/Region  Albania
Code ALB
Created 1958
Recognized 1959
President Viron Bezhani
Secretary General Stavri Bello
Website Official Website

The National Olympic Committee of Albania (Albanian: Komiteti Olimpik Kombëtar Shqipëtar - KOKSH) is a non-profit organisation and the legal authority of Albania's participation in the Olympic Games. As a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), it is responsible for the development and management of all olympic related activities in the country. KOKSH delegates its authority to 35 member sports federations present in Albania.


The National Olympic Committee of Albania (KOKSH) was founded in 1958 and a year later gained recognition by the International Olympic Committee.

From the year of its foundation until 1989 the committee was known by the name "The General Council Committee of Sportspersons of Albania" and included in its core all the sports federations in the country.

With the change of the political system in Albania, in 1990, the committee was restructured as an independent entity, separate from the newly formed Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports. Four years later, in 1994, by government decrees No.20 and No.401, it was sanctioned as a non-state non-profit organisation whose functions were based on the Olympic Charter. [1][2]

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