Olympic Corrections Center

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Olympic Corrections Center (OCC)
Olympic Corrections Center is located in Washington (state)
Olympic Corrections Center
Location in Washington
Coordinates47°43′09″N 124°08′11″W / 47.71917°N 124.13639°W / 47.71917; -124.13639Coordinates: 47°43′09″N 124°08′11″W / 47.71917°N 124.13639°W / 47.71917; -124.13639
Security classMinimum
Managed byWashington State Department of Corrections
WardenJason Bennett, Superintendent
Street address11235 Hoh Mainline
CountyJefferson County
ZIP Code98331
CountryUnited States

The Olympic Corrections Center is located in Jefferson County, west of Olympic National Park. It is within the service area of the Forks, Washington, post office, even though it is not close to that city. It is a minimum security facility. Inmates there often work fighting forest fires during the summer, assisting the Department of Natural Resources in clearing and planting trees.

Speciality Inmate crews supervised by Custody and Corrections Officers also help the local communities by providing yard work at senior centers, paint schools (during summer when the children are absent), and other services in the vicinity of the facility.

On October 31, 2011, authorities at Olympic CC entered into a contract with McDougall & Sons orchard[1] in Quincy, Grant County to use 105 inmates to pick apples for that company. McDougall agreed to pay corrections officials $22.00 per hour per inmate for the labor.

The camp is located in Jefferson County, on Hoh Mainline Road north of Clearwater, Washington.

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