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The following is a list of fictional starships and starship types from the Babylon 5 science fiction television series universe and its spin-offs, Crusade and Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers.

Ship types[edit]

Explorer class[edit]

The Explorer-class starship is an exploratory starship of the Earth Alliance. The Explorer is built to explore, conduct research, and build Jumpgates. An Explorer-class starship, the EAS Cortez, appears in the episode "A Distant Star". Explorer-class ships are capable of producing jump points.

Frazi heavy fighter[edit]

Main article: Frazi heavy fighter

The Frazi heavy fighter is a vessel used by Narn Regime. The CGI model for the ship was designed and modelled by Foundation Imaging co-founder Ron Thornton. The mesh of fighter's cockpit is based on altered design of Starfury cockpit. [1] It is depicted as a heavily-armored[2][3] type of fighter and it can fly both in space and in a planetary atmosphere.[4]

G'Quan class heavy cruiser[edit]

The G'Quan-class heavy cruiser is a vessel used by Narn Regime. It is an immense ship armed with two heavy hard-mounted forward-firing laser cannons, two energy mine launchers and Pulse cannons. The G'Quan class was designed to replace the older, more haphazardly designed T'Loth cruiser, which was last seen in 2258. The G'Quan-class cruiser does not have artificial gravity. The great majority of the G'Quan-class cruisers were destroyed during the Narn-Centauri War.

The Hyperion-class EAS Prometheus emerges from hyperspace.

Hyperion class heavy cruiser[edit]

The Hyperion class heavy cruiser is a vessel used by the Earth Alliance. It is an older type of EarthForce warship, smaller and less heavily-armed than the newer Omega class destroyer, but still a capable design. Hyperions were still in EarthForce service as late as 2281. As with most ships of its size, Hyperion class ships are capable of creating their own jump points. Hyperion-class ships operated in zero gravity.

Nial-class heavy fighter[edit]

Also known as the Windstar, the Nial-class heavy fighter is a one-pilot ship used by the Minbari. It is the most advanced and powerful fighter built by any of the younger galactic races. It served during the Earth-Minbari War and the Second Shadow War. The ship was designed and modelled by Ron Thornton.[5] In the series chronology, the ship is first seen in In the Beginning. By airdate, its first showing was in "And the Sky Full of Stars".

Nova-class dreadnought[edit]

The Nova class dreadnought is a heavy warship used by EarthForce. It was introduced into service sometime in the late 2220s, and is the predecessor of the Omega class destroyer. The ship is capable of generating its own jump point.

Olympus-class corvette[edit]

The Olympus class corvette is a small ship class used by EarthForce. It is one of the oldest starship classes in EarthForce, and was produced in great numbers. They served during the Dilgar War and the Earth-Minbari War. Due to their small size, Olympus class corvettes were fast and very maneuverable, and with its array of pulse cannons, rail guns, and ship-to-ship missiles they were well armed for a ship of its size.

Omega-class destroyer[edit]

Main article: Omega class destroyer

The Omega-class destroyer is a large ship used by EarthForce. It appears fairly often in Babylon 5. The Agamemnon, Churchill, and Alexander are all Omega-class destroyers. This class of ship is capable of forming its own jump point. Advanced Omega destroyers appear in Season 4; they combined Shadow technology with standard Omega design.[6]

Primus-class battlecruiser[edit]

Primus-class battlecruisers are large vessels used by the Centauri. They carry a powerful array of weapons and a standard compliment of 12 Sentri-class fighters. They have gravimetric drive, artificial gravity, and tractor beams, but very little armor.

Raider Fighter[edit]

Sentri-class medium fighter[edit]

Main article: Sentri medium fighter

Sentri-class medium fighters are used by the Centauri. A highly advanced design, the Sentri is extremely fast and maneuverable, and can outfly even the best EarthForce and Narn fighters. Only the Minbari Nial-Class fighter is faster and more maneuverable. However, the Sentri's speed comes at a price: the fighter has thin armor plating. The Sentri is thus highly vulnerable to direct hits from enemy ships and even a single shot from an enemy fighter can destroy it.[7] The Sentri is capable of flying both in space and in a planetary atmosphere. It is also equipped with a sophisticated autopilot system which can fly the fighter even when the pilot has blacked out in an extreme maneuver during battle.[8]

Shadow Planet Killer[edit]

Main article: Shadow Planet Killer

Shadow battlecrab[edit]

Main article: Shadow battlecrab

Sharlin Class Warcruiser[edit]


Main article: Starfury

Sun Hawk class gunship[edit]

T'Loth class cruiser[edit]

Main article: T'Loth class cruiser

Valen class cruiser[edit]

Main article: Valen class cruiser


Main article: Vorchan

White Star[edit]

Specific ships[edit]

The Black Star[edit]

The Black Star (Drala Fi' in Minbari) was a Sharlin Class Warcruiser. The Black Star served as one of the flagships of the Minbari Federation fleet, until its destruction in the year 2245. As told in the episode "Points of Departure", John Sheridan was responsible for the destruction of the Black Star. It was the first Minbari cruiser destroyed in during the Earth–Minbari War, and it was the only clear-cut human victory of the war.

Earthforce One[edit]

Main article: EarthForce One

EarthForce One is used to transport the Earth Alliance president to other planets. EarthForce One plays a significant role in the plot arc of the series, beginning with the first season finale episode, "Chrysalis". In that episode, Earth Alliance President Luis Santiago is killed in an explosion of EarthForce One. Santiago's Vice-President, William Morgan Clark, assumes the presidency after being sworn in aboard EarthForce Two.[9] Clark is later implicated in a plot to purposely destroy EarthForce One and thereby assume the presidency.[10][11]

See also: Air Force One


The Liandra appears in the television movie Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers. It is of Minbari origin and uses gravimetric propulsion. Though small, it is capable of creating its own jump point.

The Trigati[edit]

Main article: Trigati

The Trigati appears in the Babylon 5 episode "Points of Departure". It was a Sharlin-class Minbari war cruiser. The Trigati was at the Battle of the Line.


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