Olympus-class corvette

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Olympus Corvette
First appearance In the Beginning
Affiliation Earth Alliance
General characteristics
Armaments Several Pulse Cannons

The Olympus class Corvette is a starship class from the fictional universe of Babylon 5. The Olympus is a small ship but has played an important part in Earth’s history.


The Olympus class corvette is one of the oldest starship classes in the EarthForce Navy that was produced in massive numbers. Built before the Dilgar War their job was to be convoy escorts and at times escorts for EarthForce capital ships. During the Dilgar war small fleets of these ships were easily able to defend convoys from League worlds and Dilgar attacks. In the Earth-Minbari War the corvettes were assigned to escort warships like the Hyperion, and protect Earth’s civilian spacecraft but they were useless against the more advanced Minbari warships. So from protecting civilian transports they were used to maintain fleet defense and ferrying needed supplies within the fleet. At the historic Battle of the Line most of the Olympus class corvettes were destroyed as they valiantly defended Earth. Shortly after the war Earth was worried the League worlds would take advantage of its weakened state so the ships were once again mass-produced.


Due to their small size, Olympus class corvettes were fast and very maneuverable, and with its array of pulse cannons, rail guns, and ship-to-ship missiles they were well armed for a ship of its size.

Other Specifications[edit]

  • Crew: 87
  • Duration: 8 months

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