Olyokma River

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The Olyokma River (Russian: Олёкма, Olyokma, IPA: [ɐˈlʲɵkmə];[1] Sakha: Өлүөхүмэ, Ölüöxüme[1]) is a tributary of the Lena in eastern Siberia. To the west is the Vitim River, to the south the Shilka River and Amur River, and to the east the upper Aldan River. Its right branch, the Tungir [Wikidata] River, leads to a portage to the Shilka. Yerofey Khabarov used this route to travel from the Lena to the Amur. Other tributaries are the Nyukzha [Wikidata] and the Chara Rivers.

The river is approximately 1,320 kilometers (820 miles) long. The Olyokma rises in the south of the Yablonovy Mountains, west of Mogocha. It flows north through remote terrain before joining the Lena near Olyokminsk.


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Coordinates: 60°22′27″N 120°40′40″E / 60.37417°N 120.67778°E / 60.37417; 120.67778