Olyutorsky Gulf

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The location of the gulf.

The Olyutorsky Bay (Russian: Олюторский залив) is a gulf or bay of the Bering Sea in the northern part of Kamchatka Krai, Russia. It is bounded on the west by the Govena Peninsula which separates it from Korfa Bay and on the east by the Olyutorsky Peninsula. It extends roughly 83 km inland and is 228 km at its widest. The deepest spot is about 1,000 meters. The western shore is dominated by the Pylginsky Ridge, which has a maximum elevation of 1,357 meters. The bay is normally covered by fast ice from December to May. It has a large tidal range of up to 1.9 meters.

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Coordinates: 60°14′N 168°21′E / 60.233°N 168.350°E / 60.233; 168.350