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Om Ali

Om Ali, Omali, Umm Ali, or Oumm Ali (Egyptian Arabic: ام على‎), meaning "Ali's mother" is a traditional Egyptian dessert, and is a national dessert of Egypt.[1] There are numerous variations with different composition.[2][3] The name “Om Ali” is literally translated into the mother of Ali and it is traced back to Egypt's Ayyubid era. It is named after the wife of the ruler of the Ayyubid Empire in Egypt who asked her cooks to come up with the most delicious dessert they could create and distribute throughout the country, the chosen recipe became a national dish of Egypt.[4]


The Egyptian dessert is said to have originated when Shajr al-Durr, a ruler of Egypt in the thirteenth century, was assassinated by her husband Sultan Izz al-Din Aybak's first wife, who was known as Om Ali. As a celebration, she asked to have a dessert prepared in honor of the killing, which in the end was named after her. [5][6]


Typically, pastry (bread, pastry or puff pastry) is divided into pieces and blended with pistachios, coconut flakes, raisins and plenty of sugar. Milk, sometimes with cream, is poured over the mixture, which is then sprinkled with cinnamon. Finally, the mixture is baked in the oven until the surface is golden brown.[3]

It may be eaten hot or cold.[6]

There are another Jordanian and Iraqi different variants known as "khumaiaa".


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