Om du var här

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"Om du var här"
Single by Kent
from the album Isola
Released October 6, 1997
Format CD
Genre Indie rock
Alternative rock
Label BMG Sweden/RCA Victor
Kent singles chronology
"Om du var här"
"Saker man ser"
Isola track listing
"Om du var här"
"Saker man ser"

"Om du var här" ("If you were here") is a single CD by the Swedish band Kent released in 1996.

The B-Side songs, from the Maxi Single, "På nära håll" and "Utan dina andetag" were later re-released on the B-Sidor 95-00 CD.

Maxi single version of the first single from the album Isola. It contains three b-sides that is not on the album; På nära håll, the ballad Utan dina andetag and a remix of Om du var här called Unload/Reload remix made by the Swedish jazz/electro pop group Koop. The remix can ONLY be found on this maxi CD single.

The cover of this single can vary. The Maxi single has an aircraft taking off in the background as opposed to the two track single where the aircraft has been edited out. The car in the picture is a 1975 Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon 1975 bought in 1997 and still owned by Martin Roos.

Track listing[edit]

CD Single (Maxi)[edit]

  1. Om du var här
  2. På nära håll
  3. Utan dina andetag
  4. Om du var här - Unload/Reload remix

CD in cardboard sleeve[edit]

  1. Om du var här
  2. På nära håll
cardboard sleeve cover (CDS)