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Om Telolet Om (also known as #OmTeloletOm) is a social media meme that depicts Indonesian youths' excitement when a bus driver honks a modified horn in a rhythmic manner as they pass by. It literally means "Uncle, please honk, uncle". The word "telolet" refers to the rhythm of the bus honk.[1][2] This phenomenon reached internet fame through social media.


As the Indonesian netizen spammed the Twitter accounts of several DJs including DJ Snake, Marshmello, Firebeatz, Dillon Francis, Zedd and Cash Cash with the hashtag "OmTeloletOm", the phrase began to gain popularity. By the end of December 2016 it had become a trending topic internationally.[3] The spam effort worked and international DJs started to create musical arrangements using modified bus honking, kids screaming "Om Telolet Om" and their laughter. The DJs also played these arrangements in their concerts including Life in Color, a paint and music concert in Miami which announced that their secret headliner would be "Om Tell et Om".[4][5]