Oma Skat

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Oma Skat
German-suited cards
DeckGerman or French
Card rank (highest first)(U/J) A 10 K O/Q 9 8 7
A K O/Q U/U 10 9 8 7 (Null)
Playing time7-8 minutes/hand
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Oma Skat or Grandmother's Skat (in German, also Blinden-Skat or Skat mit totem Mann)[1] is a variation of the card game, Skat, for two players. It is especially popular in the Lüneburg Heath area of north Germany,[1] but is also played in other parts of Germany, albeit sometimes under other, regional names.

The game is usually played when a third player is unavailable, but also to introduce beginners to the Germany's most popular card game, as it is easier to play than conventional Skat.


Oma Skat is played like a normal Skat game, except that the third player is a hidden stack of cards (the "Oma" or "grandmother")[1] from which, in each round, the top card is revealed. The Oma always chooses "pass" during the bidding phase, i.e. she does not bid against the two players. The players must therefore outbid each other and work out who goes first.[1] So Oma always plays with one of the players against his or her opponent. Otherwise the usual Skat rules apply, except that Oma doesn't participate.[1] This creates situations that would not occur in normal Skat. For example it is very difficult in Oma Skat to win a "null" game (to win no tricks) because Oma does not have to follow suit.


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