Omani French Museum

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Omani French Museum
EstablishedJanuary 29, 1992
LocationLane 9310, Qasr Al Alam Street, Muscat, Oman
Coordinates23°36′54″N 58°35′30″E / 23.6149°N 58.5917°E / 23.6149; 58.5917
TypeOmani-French heritage museum.
DirectorMinistry of Heritage and Culture

The Omani French Museum is a heritage museum located in the former residence of the French Consul, Bait Faransa on Lane 9310, Qasr Al Alam Street, in Old Muscat, Oman.

The white building, which was essentially a palace, was initially established as a present by the Sultan Assayed / Faisal bin Turki to the French Consul in Muscat in 1896. On January 29, 1992, Sultan Qaboos bin Said and the late French President François Mitterrand established a museum in the palace to preserve the historical Omani-French relations. The museum has a substantial collection of items to this effect including photographs of the early French diplomats, historical documents, Omani - French ships, Omani and French costumes and jewellery and furniture.[1]

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