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Omar (also spelled Omer or Umar) is an Arabic nickname or name that may refer to:


  • Omar (name), people with the given name or surname Omar, Omer, Umar, or Umer



  • Omar Lye-Fook (born 1968), British soul singer known professionally as Omar
  • The Omar, a society of cyborgs in the computer game Deus Ex: Invisible War
  • Omar (album), album by Don Omar
  • Omar (film), a 2013 film
  • Umar Marvi, a Sindhi love story
  • Umar (Marvel Comics), the other-dimensional mother-in-law of Doctor Strange in the Marvel Universe
  • Omar (TV series), a 2012 historical television series on MBC
  • Umar (film), a 2006 Bollywood film directed by Karan Razdan
  • Omar Little, a fictional drug stick-up man on the HBO drama series The Wire, portrayed by Michael K. Williams

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