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Pronunciation /ˈmɑːr/
Arabic: [ˈʕomar]
Spanish: [oˈmar]
Turkish: [øˈmæɾ]
Hindustani: [ɔːˈmər]
Hebrew: ['o̞me̞ʁ]
Gender Male
Word/name Semitic (Hebrew, Arabic)
Meaning first born son, flourishing, long-lived, eloquent and gifted speaker

Omar, Omer, Ömer, or Umar (Arabic: عمر‎‎, Hebrew: עומר‎‎), is a male given name of Arabic and Hebrew origin, mentioned in the Book of Genesis.[1] It is a common name in Arab and Muslim territories and populations in general, as well as in Spanish-speaking countries. In Arabic, its pronunciation differs based on the spoken varieties of Arabic and consequently in its transcription.

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  • Oumar Barro (born 1974), Burkinabé (from Burkina Faso) football player
  • Oumar Dieng (born 1972), Senegalese footballer
  • Oumar Kalabane (born 1981), professional footballer from Guinea
  • Oumar Loum (born 1973), Senegalese athlete who competes in the 200 metres
  • Oumar Mariko (born 1959), Malian doctor, politician and noted former student activist
  • Oumar Sène (born 1959), former Senegalese football midfielder
  • Oumar Tchomogo (born 1978), Beninese football player
  • Oumarou Ganda (1935–1981), Nigerian director and actor

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