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Omar Onsi (Arabic: عمر أنسي‎‎; 1901–1969) is a pioneer of modern painting in Lebanon[1] and Lebanon's most renowned impressionist painter.[2]

Onsi was born in Beirut. His father, a general practitioner, had been one of the first Beirut Muslims to study modern Western medicine[3] and his mother came from the prominent Sunni Muslim family Salam.[1] After an attempt to study medicine,[4] Onsi studied painting in Beirut with Khalil Saleeby.[5] From 1922 to 1927, he travelled to Transjordan, where he taught painting and English to the children of King Abdullah.[5] The discovery of the desert and its colours during this stay had a major influence on his work.[5][6] In 1928, Onsi went to Paris to continue his training and stayed for 3 years, attending the Académie Julian[7] and different workshops.[5] During that period, Onsi focused on painting portraits, nudes, and Parisian scenery.[8] In 1933, he returned to Lebanon, bringing back a colorful impressionist palette[9] and a French second wife.[8] From then on, his work focused on the Lebanese landscape.[8] After his death in 1969, he became one of Lebanon's best-known artists.[10]

Selected Exhibitions[edit]

Solo Exhibitions[edit]

Group Exhibitions[edit]

  • Art from Lebanon, Beirut Exhibition Center, 2012[11]


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