Omar Sa'if Center

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The Omar Sa'if Center (also known as the Umar al Saif Center) is identified, by American intelligence analysts as a Taliban center on the outskirts of Kabul, Afghanistan.[1][2]

Guantanamo detainees alleged to have stayed at the Omar Saif Center[edit]

detainee name notes
Musa Ali Said Al Said Al Umari Umar al Saif
  • "Umar al Saif was identified as reserve camp. Activities at this camp included small arms training, medical care and guard duty."[1]
  • The memo asserted that he was accompanied by Mohammed Abdul Razzaq.
Ziyad bin Salih bin Muhammad Al Bahooth Omar Sa'if Center
  • A memorandum asserted that an unnamed informant identified Al Bahooth as arriving at, and fighting in the Omar Sa'if Center, outside Kabul, in the year 2000.[2]
Mustafa Abdul Qawi Abdul Aziz Al Shamyri Omar Saif Center
  • "The detainee served approximately six months in the frontlines at Omar Saif Center."[3]
Mohammed Ahmed Ali Al Asadi "AMR" center
  • Memo alleged Al Asadi was issued a rifle, and stood guard duty, at the "AMR" center.[4]
  • A translator suggested that it was not the AMR center, but the Omar center.