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Omar al-Tikriti (Arabic: عمر التكريتي‎, born ca. 1970) is the son of Sabawi Ibrahim al-Tikriti and nephew of Saddam Hussein. He is a graduate of Baghdad College, in Baghdad, Iraq.[1] In July 2005, the United States Treasury Department blocked his assets and those of his brothers Yasir Al-Tikriti, Ayman Al-Tikriti, Ibrahim Al-Tikriti, Bashar Al-Tikriti and Sa’ad Al-Tikriti in the United States due to his ties with the Ba'ath Party.

On November 17, 2005, Iraqi Attorney General Chathanfar Hmod Al-Jasim presented Interpol with an extradition request to bring Saddam Hussein’s nephew from Yemen back to Baghdad to stand trial for “committing acts of terror". [2]

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