Omayya SC

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Omayya SC
Omayya SC logo.png
Nickname(s) The North Earthquake
Founded 1972
Ground Al Baladi Stadium Idlib
Ground Capacity 7,500
League Syrian Premier League
2008-09 withdrawn

Omaya Sports Club is a Syrian football club located in province of Idlib in the western north of Syria. Omaya SC Played in [the second division in Syria], and in Syrian Professional League. The club won the Second Division in Syria many times and promoted to the Syrian first division League for the first time in season 1991. In 2015, the club announced withdrawal from the Syrian Professional League because of the crisis faces Syria nowadays.

Club History[edit]

Omaya Sports Club was found in 1951 holding the name "Arab brotherhood Club" and remained under this name until the formation of Syrian Sports Association to be called later as Omaya Sports Club and classified to play in the second division league. Many names held the position of club presidency since it was found like Fahmi Alyousofi - Riad Alhakime - Amin Najjar - Ahmed Hamedani - Marwan Fanari - Ali Moalem - Fahmi Zagal -Wafa Barakat - Mustafa Nahlawi - Adel Tarsha- Ali Moalem - Mohammed Abdulafattah Kara - Wahid Karzai -Abd Karim Muna- Abdul Karim Khrbotali -Mufid Aldenb - Hafez Alsayed.

Promotion and Relegation[edit]

The club had so many nicknames like the league black horse and the hardworker. The club promoted to the first division for the first time in 1991 and then returned and fell to remain in the second division League. In 2001-2002 season, the club promoted to the first division again to remain for four seasons in the professional league to relegate to the second division under abnormal conditions. The club recovered its wounds and reorganised its papers and promoted in 2008 season to lead the league for several weeks in the 2009-2010 season and became a force to be reckoned with. In 2015, the club announced its withdrawal from the Syrian league as the club headquarter was destroyed in the city of Idleb by an airstrike and it still inactive until this moment.

Club Legends[edit]

The club provided the Syrian National team with quality players who have proven their presence on the scene like Faysal Tattan, who was the most effective player in Hittin Club in the eighties and included to the national team. Hazem Harbah who played for Teshreen Club for many years and was the leading scorer for the club and Burhan Sahyoni who played for Syrian Youth National team and he had the honor to participate in the Syrian achievements youth world Cup. Ammar Zakour offered a great level, and was the star of Omaya before moving to Alshortah Club and then to Lebanon as a professional player. There are many other legends in the club like Reyad Shagra, Saeid Yazaji, Samer Yazaji, shady Bkhuri, and Samer RamHamdani.

Current squad[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Syria GK Samer Ram Hamdani
Syria GK Osama Salama
Syria GK Shaker Al Zerj
Syria DF Zakaria Bodaqa
Syria DF Ghazwan Doweek
Syria DF Yousef Shekh Aleshreh
Syria DF Zakaria Hassan Bik
Syria DF Sulayman Yousef
Syria DF Shadi Zarteet
Syria MF Moqawam Abbas
Syria MF Suhail Tatan
Syria MF Shadi Bakhoury
No. Position Player
Syria MF Mohamed Sahyouni
Togo MF Komi Akoiti
Syria MF Samer Hamada
Syria MF Mahmoud Ossi
Syria MF Burhan Tatan
Syria MF Abdulkader Al Alem
Syria MF Nader Harbali
Syria MF Obaid Salal
Senegal FW Maniche Amoa
Syria FW Samer Yazji
Syria FW Safuan Basmaji

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