Ombrina Mare oil field

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Ombrina Mare
Country Italy
Region Southern Apennines
Location Southern Apennines
Offshore/onshore offshore
Operator Mediterranean Oil & Gas
Partners Mediterranean Oil & Gas, Eni
Field history
Discovery 2007
Estimated oil in place 166 million barrels (~2.26×10^7 t)

The Ombrina Mare oil field is an oil field located off shore Abruzzo. It was discovered in 2007 and developed by Mediterranean Oil & Gas. At the moment being the Italian government blocked the projects in the area, since the oil field lies at less than 12 miles from the coastline. The total proven reserves of the Ombrina Mare oil field are around 166 million barrels (29.38×106tonnes), and production is centered on 13,650 barrels per day (2,170 m3/d).[1]


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