Omega Cop

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Omega Cop
Omega Cop FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Paul Kyriazi
Produced by Ron Marchini
Garrick Huey
Written by Novel:
Denny Grayson
Joe Meyer
Paul Kyriazi
Salli McQuaid
Starring Adam West
Ron Marchini
Stuart Whitman
Troy Donahue
Music by Ralph Stover
Cecil Ramirez
Edited by Garrick Huey
Distributed by South Gate Entertainment
Release date
  • 1990 (1990)
Running time
87 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $180,000

Omega Cop is a 1990 film starring Adam West, Ron Marchini, Stuart Whitman, and Troy Donahue. It was also released under the title John Travis: Solar Survivor.[1] This film was also written and produced by Ronald L. Marchini, and executive-produced by his wife, Jo Anne Marchini. Omega Cop was followed by a sequel, Karate Cop.


In 1999, an environmental holocaust, which happened because the sun created an onslaught of solar flares made up of red-hot, radiation ridden plasma that nearly destroyed Earth. This left the atmosphere ridden with solar radiation and increased the global temperature greatly. Because of this catastrophe, it leaves almost every human on earth dead, devastates the environment, and collapses all of society and the global economy. Crime rates have drastically increased, and the few human beings left have decided to fend for themselves, therefore, much of the world, including America, have become totalitarian governments. The people in control are gangs of rampaging marauders. In post-apocalyptic America, the once sovereign society has become a corrupt, crime ridden totalitarian wasteland. The few remaining citizens are either hiding in devastated urban areas or are in control of by a series of gangs that now rule the cities with an iron fist. John Travis (Ron Marchini), an undercover cop and three fellow policemen are out on patrol when they come upon a female sex slave auction. The four slip unnoticed into the encampment, taking positions surrounding the auction site. A chaotic gunfight ensues in which the three cops are ruthlessly gunned down, leaving Travis alone to fend off the attackers. Travis is outgunned and outmanned, and forced to withdraw from the action. As Travis makes his escape, a solar flare is observed erupting. Travis tries to return to base, but is told by a fellow cop named Prescott (Adam West) that he cannot be allowed to do this, as he went through the solar flare's radiation, and to return would risk contamination of others. When a solar flare occurs, those left outside become infected, while those in shelter do not. Some of the infected become psychotic killers. Travis returns to the city, where he chances to meet three young women, who rely on him for protection. Travis tries to help them escape from the city. The head thug from the auction who killed the cops is looking for Travis, but at the same time, Travis is looking for revenge. While trying to get the women to the safety of police headquarters, the station is attacked by the solar flare infected killers. The station is overrun, and Travis blows it up as he escapes, narrowly avoiding the explosions and fireballs.

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