Omega Delta Sigma

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Omega Delta Sigma
Omega Delta Sigma coa.jpg
Founded 1999; 19 years ago (1999)
University of Florida
Type Leadership and Service
Scope Veterans, Reservist, & Supporters
Motto Professional, Scholars, Warriors
Pillars Selfless Service and Leadership
Colors Blue, Black, and Silver
Symbol American Flag
Headquarters State College, PA

Omega Delta Sigma (ΩΔΣ) National Veterans Fraternity, also known as ODS, is a leadership and service based Co-ed fraternity


Omega Delta Sigma was founded at the University of Florida in 1999, as a way for veterans to come together, share experiences, and meet other veterans.


ΩΔΣ have three well-defined goals:

  • I. To facilitate the rough transition from military life to collegiate life for servicemen and women, and to provide a network of contacts for him or her.
  • II. Provide support within the fraternity by assisting each other with collegiate, personal, and / or financial difficulties.
  • III. Offer services to those who bravely sacrificed their body and life so that we may live free.[citation needed]

Early years[edit]

In its early beginnings, the Founding Fathers of Omega Delta Sigma came together because they shared a common brotherhood, their service to the country. The fraternity was disbanded in 2004 because of the members service obligations, graduations, and career opportunities.

Founding Fathers[edit]

The 1999 Founding Fathers of Omega Delta Sigma:

  • Carlos Espitia (USMC) serving as University of Florida Chapter President, National Chapter President
  • Dave Morton (USN), serving as Santa Fe / Saint Leo University Chapters President, National Chapter Vice President
  • Scott Raeburn (USMC), and
  • Jason Cottey (USAF).
  • John Travis Rivero (US Army)

K.I.A. 2002

National Presidents

  • 2000- Carlos Espitia
  • 2009 - 2012 Peter Ficnerski
  • 2012–2016 Sam Smith
  • 2016-Present Vincent Rivera


Omega Delta Sigma provides help the Chapter's local communities. Omega Delta Sigma's also provides proceeds to such organizations as Wounded Warrior Project, Support The Troops, and Toys for Tots. Each Chapter also engages in their own type of philanthropy events throughout the Year.


Since its founding, Omega Delta Sigma has established a number of other chapters located across the United States.

National headquarters[edit]

In the heart of Pennsylvania is the small town of State College and is home to The Pennsylvania State University (PSU) and the PA-A Chapter of Omega Delta Sigma.


Professional – A Professional is a civilized, determined, educated, sensitive, and well-mannered man. The brothers of Omega Delta Sigma use the word gentleman to describe the respect we show for our peers and superiors. It is in our nature to be considerate and helpful to others. We are the elite of the University and carry ourselves in a way that honors our education, extracurriculars and professions.

Scholar – Scholastics help keep the gentleman’s mind fine honed. The physical strength of a brother of Omega Delta Sigma is nothing without the pursuit of bettering themselves and society through scholarship. Without the awesome strength of the mind, the power of the body cannot be realized. It is because of this and the never-ending pursuit of excellence that a member of Omega Delta Sigma is, and always will be a scholar.

Warrior – The spirit of the warrior is the driving force within all members of Omega Delta Sigma, forged by the never-ending passion for self-betterment and an unwavering adherence to strong moral values. As a warrior we stand erect, our eyes always looking to the challenges tomorrow brings, and never back to the challenges faced prior.

Chapters established[edit]


Other veteran organizations:


  • National Chapter of Omega Delta Sigma, National Veterans Fraternity, Inc. []

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