Omega Lithium

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Omega Lithium
Omega Lithium facing upstage.jpg
Background information
Origin Umag, Croatia
Genres Neue Deutsche Härte, Gothic Metal
Years active 2007–2011 (on hiatus)
Labels Drakkar Entertainment
Sony BMG
Artoffact Records
Members Mya Mortensen
Malice Rime
Zoltan Harpax
Torsten Nihill

Omega Lithium is a Croatian heavy metal band. Despite its origins, it is classified as a Neue Deutsche Härte band. The band was formed in 2007 and is signed to Drakkar Entertainment, a part of Sony BMG.[1] The band's debut album, Dreams in Formaline, was released on 18 September 2009.

The first single from the debut album was Stigmata. The single was played on the MTV rock chart [2][3] and peaked to the 4 place on the MTV Adria Rock chart, receiving a constant airplay for more than 2 months. The video appeared on other European and worldwide TV stations in their daily charts.
On YouTube Stigmata received more than a quarter of a million views, which is the highest viewing number for a debut song in this genre.

The band toured with the German folk metal band Subway to Sally on their "Kreuzfeuer" tour from 18 to 30 December 2009.

They headlined the 2nd stage on Metal Camp 2010, appeared on Wave Gothic Treffen and concluded the Dreams in Formaline tour with a performance on Metal Female Voices Fest 2010.[4] On 26 February 2010 they announced that a North American version of the debut album Dreams in Formaline will be released by Artoffact Records on 6 April and will include a bonus track.

Recent events[edit]

The band announced that a new album will be released in May 2011[needs update] via Drakkar Entertainment/Sony Music. It was recorded in Horus Studio in Hannover and was co-produced by the band's guitarist Malice Rime, and produced by Žare Pak.


They were awarded as "Newcomer of the year 2009" by Zillo (one of the leading German's alternative music magazines).[5]

They were also awarded as "Newcomer of the year 2009" on Sonic Seducer (Also one of the German's leading alternative music magazines) [6]


Current band members[edit]

  • Mya Mortensen – Vocals
  • Malice Rime – Guitars, Synthesizers
  • Zoltan Harpax – Bass, Lyrics
  • Torsten Nihill – Drums, Percussions



  • Andromeda (EP) (2007)
  • Dreams in Formaline (2009)
  • "Colossus" (digital single) (2011)
  • Kinetik (2011)

Music videos[edit]

Year Song Album
2009 "Stigmata" Dreams in Formaline
2011 "Dance With Me" Kinetik


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