Omer Reingold

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Omer Reingold
Nationality Israeli
Alma mater Weizmann Institute of Science
Awards Grace Murray Hopper Award (2005)
Gödel Prize (2009)
ACM Fellow
Scientific career
Fields Computer science
Institutions Stanford University
Doctoral advisor Moni Naor[1]
Doctoral students Iftach Haitner, Shachar Lovett

Omer Reingold (Hebrew: עומר ריינגולד‎) is a faculty member of the Computer Science Department at Stanford University. He received the 2005 Grace Murray Hopper Award for his work in finding a deterministic logarithmic-space algorithm for ST-connectivity in undirected graphs.[2] He, along with Avi Wigderson and Salil Vadhan, won the Gödel Prize (2009) for their work on the zig-zag product. He became a Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery in 2014 "For contributions to the study of pseudorandomness, derandomization, and cryptography."[3]

Selected publications[edit]


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