Omicron1 Eridani

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Omicron1 Eridani (also known as Beid[citation needed] and 38 Eridani) is a star of visual magnitude 4.04.[1] It lies approximately 125 light-years from Earth in the Eridanus constellation and is a class F (F0III) giant with a surface temperature of 7100 K and a luminosity 28 times that of the Sun.[2] In 1971 it was discovered to be a Delta Scuti variable star, with a variation of just a few hundredths of a magnitude with periods of 1.8 and 3.5 days.[1]

Omicron1 has the following equatorial coordinates:[3]

Its Flamsteed designation is 38 Eridani.

Chinese name[edit]

In Chinese, 九州殊口 (Jiǔ Zhōu Shū Kǒu), meaning Interpreters of Nine Dialects, refers to an asterism consisting of ο1 Eridani, 39 Eridani, ξ Eridani, ν Eridani, 56 Eridani and 55 Eri.[4] Consequently, ο1 Eridani itself is known as 九州殊口二 (Jiǔ Zhōu Shū Kǒu èr, English: the Second Star of Interpreters of Nine Dialects.)[5]


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