Omicron Draconis

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Omicron Draconis
Observation data
Epoch J2000      Equinox J2000
Constellation Draco
Right ascension 18h 51m 12.0955s
Declination +59° 23′ 18.063″
Apparent magnitude (V) 4.62
Spectral type K2 III
Distance 322.93 ly
(99.1 pc)
ο Dra A
Mass 2.5+3
[1] M
Temperature 4400[1] K
ο Dra B
Mass 1.3±0.16[1] M
Other designations
Omicron Draconis, 47 Draconis , HIP 92512, TYC 3930-1790-1.

Omicron Draconis (ο Dra, ο Draconis) is a giant star in the constellation Draco located 322.93 light years from the Earth. It has a radius of 30 solar radii, and a luminosity of 269 suns. Its path in the night sky is circumpolar above the ecliptic, meaning the star never rises or sets when viewed in the night sky from certain positions in the northern hemisphere.

Omicron Draconis can be considered the north pole star of Mercury, as it is the closest star to Mercury's north celestial pole.

This is a spectroscopic binary system.[1]


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