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Omija punch 07.jpg
Hangul 오미자 화채
Revised Romanization omija hwachae
McCune–Reischauer omija hwach'ae
IPA [o.mi.dʑa hwa.tɕʰɛ̝]

Omija hwachae (오미자 화채; "magnolia berry punch") is a hwachae (traditional Korean punch) made of omija (magnolia berries).[1] It is usually served during the hot summer days as energy replenishment and for quenching thirst. Koreans made use of the herbs as remedy ingredients as well as traditional drinks. The plants, especially the fruits, have bright red colors, sticky, and also various tastes including sweet, sour, bitter and spicy resulted from its malic acid and tartaric acid. To make omija hwachae, the fruits are dried and soaked in the water and then sieved. The sieved water then is added with sugar or honey. The punch is garnished with azalea petals if served during the spring; and if served with yellow rose petals, during summer.

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