Omineca Mountains

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Omineca Mountains
The Ominecas
Location map of the Omineca Mountains
Location map of the Omineca Mountains
Area 47,901 km2 (18,495 sq mi)
Country Canada
State/Province British Columbia
Range coordinates 56°30.0′N 125°30.2′W / 56.5000°N 125.5033°W / 56.5000; -125.5033Coordinates: 56°30.0′N 125°30.2′W / 56.5000°N 125.5033°W / 56.5000; -125.5033
Parent range Interior Mountains

The Omineca Mountains, also known as "the Ominecas", are a group of remote mountain ranges in north-central British Columbia, Canada. They are bounded by the Finlay River on the north, the Rocky Mountain Trench (here filled by Lake Williston) on the east, the Nation Lakes on the south, and the upper reaches of the Omineca River on the west.[1][2][3] They form a section of the Continental Divide, that, in this region, separates water drainage between the Arctic and Pacific Oceans. The lower course of the Omineca River flows through the heart of the range. To the south of the Ominecas is the Nechako Plateau, to the west the Skeena Mountains and Hazelton Mountains, to the north the Spatsizi Plateau and the Stikine Ranges, while east across the Rocky Mountain Trench are the Muskwa Ranges.

The usage "the Omineca" or "the Omineca Country" refers to the entire area plus some of the northern Nechako Plateau adjacent to the Ominecas, where there has been more settlement and, in the past, extensive gold-mining exploration and prospecting (in the same period as the Omineca, Fraser Canyon and Cariboo Gold Rushes, i.e. 1860s).



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