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Industry Fashion
Founded June 2007
Founder Mary Fanaro
Headquarters Los Angeles, California
Key people
Mary Fanaro
Products Apparel and accessories

OmniPeace is a humanitarian fashion brand founded in 2007 by Mary Fanaro and based in Los Angeles, California.[1][2] Each year, the brand donates a percentage of its profits to a charitable organization doing work in Africa.[3] OmniPeace has previously partnered with organizations including Millennium Promise,[4] UNICEF,[5] the Lalela Project,[1] and buildOn.[6]

In 2005, after watching a Live 8 concert, Fanaro had the idea of introducing a food line called "Peace of Chocolate" whose profits would benefit initiatives to end African poverty; she later decided to create a clothing label.[6] Fanaro met with Millennium Promise and proposed that her idea would benefit their charity.[2] Two weeks before OmniPeace opened in June 2007, Fanaro was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, but the brand still launched as planned in New York City and Los Angeles.[7]

Charitable contributions[edit]

In the past five years, OmniPeace has built seven schools, raised over half a million dollars for Millennium Promise, a non-profit organization founded by Jeffrey Sachs (Economist, Global Anti-Poverty Crusader & Head of Earth Institute/Columbia University); raised funds and awareness for The City of Joy, a rehabilitation center and safe haven for women and children victims of violence of war in Congo; and sent two convoys into Somalia with Super Bowl Champions The New York Giants, feeding over 5,000 families during one of the worst humanitarian crisis in the last 60 years.


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