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Omni Air International
IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded 1983
Fleet size 11
Destinations Worldwide Operations
Parent company Omni Air International, Inc.
Headquarters Tulsa International Airport
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Key people Rob Coretz (Founder/Chairman)
Jeff Crippen (CEO/President)
Trisha Frank (Sr. Director)

Omni Air International, Inc. is an American charter airline with its headquarters in Hangar 19 on the grounds of Tulsa International Airport in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States.[1] It operates international and domestic passenger charters, as well as wet leasing.[2]


The airline was established under the name of Omni Air Express and started operations in March 1993. Passenger operations began in December 1997. It has a little under 1,000 employees (at July 2007).[2]

Omni began operation as a U.S. Part 135 operator in 1983. In 1993, Omni became a Part 121 air carrier operating Boeing 727F equipment in the narrow body cargo market. Customers included many of the industry's largest integrated shipping companies such as BAX Global, DHL, Emery Worldwide and UPS.[3]

Building on success in cargo operations, in 1997 Omni entered the passenger charter market with McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10s. In 1998 the company sold its Boeing 727F fleet to permit it to focus exclusively on its growing passenger business. The next step in Omni's development came during 1998–2000 when the company acquired three second-hand long range DC-10-30s and began providing international charter service to wholesale companies, cruise lines, wet lease Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance (ACMI) for other airlines and the Department of Defense. Since 1999, Omni has operated charters worldwide.

April 2003 saw the addition of the Boeing 757-200 passenger aircraft. The 757-200 fleet was approved for extended range over water operations. With the addition of these aircraft to its fleet, Omni was awarded 180-minute ETOPS approval by the FAA. This was the second time in the history of US aviation that immediate 180-minute ETOPS approval was granted (Hawaiian Airlines was the first). Boeing 767-300ER aircraft were added starting in August 2009, and Boeing 777-200ER aircraft began operating in April 2011.[4] In addition, second-hand Boeing 767-200ERs were acquired as well.

The company's customers include leisure wholesale companies that provide vacation packages to the Caribbean, Florida, Las Vegas, Mexico, Hawaii, Europe, and Asia; cruise lines that transport customers to sailing ports in Europe, South America and the South Pacific; and government entities worldwide.

Unlike MatlinPatterson and Global Aero Logistics, Omni, which previously was with the Fedex team, has managed to steer clear of any conflict of interest issues since the economic upheaval of 2008, by competing solely upon one military bidding team. In 2012 Omni allied itself with the "New Patriot" Air Mobility Command (AMC) contracted airlift team[5] rather than risk the uncertainties of working with Federal Express as it had done in the past; and face difficulties similar to those that ATA Airlines found itself in, when its teaming contracts were unexpectedly cancelled by the aerial logistics giant.[6]


An Omni Air Boeing 777-200ER arrives at Bermuda International Airport
An Omni Air International McDonnell Douglas DC-10 at Hanover Airport
An Omni Air International DC-10 disembarking naval reservists at Norfolk, Virginia

As of April 2015, the Omni Air International's all wide-body aircraft fleet, consists of the following aircraft:[7][8]

Omni Air International fleet
Aircraft Total Orders Passengers Notes
C Y Total
Boeing 767-200ER 2 0 0 216 216[7]
Boeing 767-300ER 7 0 0 276 276[7]
Boeing 777-200ER 2 0 0 380 380[7]
Total 11 0


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