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The east side of the old Omni mall parking garage in 2008. The 'JCPenney' label scar can still be seen where the original sign once was.

Omni International Mall was a shopping mall that opened in February 1977 in the northern environs of Downtown Miami's Arts & Entertainment District (then Omni) in Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States.

The mall was built in 1977, attached to an existing Jordan Marsh store, with J.C. Penney as the other anchor.[1] It was a mixed-use complex, combining a traditional retail mall with offices and hotel space.[2] Burdines later took over the Jordan Marsh building, closing it in 1992.[3] J.C. Penney closed in 1998.[4] After several years of decreasing sales, the mall closed in 2000, but the adjacent hotel remained open.[5] Part of the mall portion has since been converted to use for Miami International University School of Art & Design.[6]Crystal Cruises also has taken up residence.


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