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Omni Mobile is a Novell GroupWise wireless email client for Palm, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, Sony Ericcsson and Nokia Series 60 PDAs and PDA Smart Phones. Omni Mobile is unique in the GroupWise wireless email space because it communicates directly with a server module that runs on the existing GroupWise WebAccess server.

Omni Mobile does not require a separate database or a Microsoft Windows server. Omni Mobile runs directly against Novell GroupWise 6.x and 7.x systems running on NetWare, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Novell Open Enterprise Server and Microsoft Windows.

Omni uses AppForge Crossfire to maintain a single codebase and deliver a full-featured GroupWise mobile client across multiple mobile platforms. Omni Mobile delivers a complete GroupWise client experience with on-line and off-line mobile access to email, shared and personal folders, calendar, appointments, tasks, notes, phone calls and multiple address books.

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