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Omni Odysseys is a series of young adult science fiction novels published by Scholastic Inc. in the United States and by Dragon Books in Great Britain. The first volume, Omni: Astropilots (sometimes titled Astropilots) was published in 1987 and was written by Laura J. Mixon. The next volume, Omni: Murder in Orbit (alternatively titled Space Station Ice-3 and rereleased in 1996 under that title), was written by best-selling juvenile fantasy author Bruce Coville and published in the same year. Published in 1988 was Marcia H. Krutchten's addition to the series, Omni: Skyborn, the third and final volume.[1]

The three novels, having been written by different authors, do not reuse the same main characters and environments. Astropilots follows the story of a renegade young man and a young woman at a space academy where he confronts his rival, who is engaged in a sinister game of war and politics (there being tensions between human "Terrans" from Earth and inhabitants of human colonies in space). Another character in the novel is a benevolent alien. Murder in Orbit is a detective story about a young person who finds a dead body just before it is dissolved and cannot prove its existence because all of the 25,000 members on the huge space station where he resides are "accounted for". Skyborn is about the adventure that unfolds when the granddaughter of a king meets a mysterious stranger; the story's conclusion implies that it may be set in Atlantis before its destruction.


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