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Omnikrom performing live in Thetford Mines
Background information
Origin Montréal, Québec, Canada
Genres rap-electro
Labels Saboteur
Members Jeanbart
Linso Gabbo

Omnikrom is a Canadian rap,[1] crunk, and electro group formed in Montréal.


Omnikrom is composed of two MCs, Jeanbart and Linso Gabbo, and their producer Figure8.
They are also produced by Tepr, Kid Rolex and Ghislain Poirier. The group includes collaborations from the MCs of the French group TTC on the piece « Pour te réchauffer » (extract from the street-tape from Cuizinier and on their second EP: (Future Millionnaire Vol.2 24 Pouces Glacés) and « Danse la poutine », as well as with numéro# on the success of « Chewing-Gum Fraise » (Original version).

Trop Banane![edit]

After having signed on to the Saboteur label, Omnikrom launched an official album entitled Trop Banane! on 1 May 2007.

At the ADISQ Gala, on the 23 October 2007, this album won the Félix in the "Hip-hop album of the year" category and Trop banane won Hip-Hop album of the year at Le Gamiq in 2007.



Studio Albums[edit]


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