Omnipresent Music Festival

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Omnipresent Music Festival
BIPOC Musicians Festival
Logo for omnipresent music festival.jpg
GenreMusic festival: Classical, Jazz, Latin, Pop, Film, and Broadway music
New York City
Morris-Jumel Mansion (2021)[1]
Years active2021–present
Founded byEdward W. Hardy

The Omnipresent Music Festival (OMF) is an American music festival based in New York City. The festival, a five-day concert series, showcases the historical significance of BIPOC professional musicians and composers while aiming to entertain communities and inspire the youth with multi-genre musical performances.[2][3][4][5]

The Omnipresent Music Festival is currently led by founder and artistic director Edward W. Hardy.[6][7][8] Hardy said "we believe musicians on stage should reflect all communities, in the programming of music, and especially in academia. This new music festival aims to promote diversity and be an example for our youth."[9][10]

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