Omolon (meteorite)

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Type Stony-iron
Class Pallasite
Composition metal matrix: 89% Fe, 10.6% Ni;
olivine Fa12.2
Country Russia
Region Magadan
Coordinates 64°1′12″N 161°48′30″E / 64.02000°N 161.80833°E / 64.02000; 161.80833Coordinates: 64°1′12″N 161°48′30″E / 64.02000°N 161.80833°E / 64.02000; 161.80833[1]
Observed fall Yes
Fall date May 16, 1981, 5:10
TKW 250 kg

Omolon is a meteorite fallen in 1981 in the Omolon River basin, Magadan (Russia). It is a pallasite.


On May 16, 1981 at 5:10 there was a report from a meteorological station of a bright fireball. A mass of 250 kilograms (550 lb) was found in 1983 by I. Tynavie, who had observed the fall on May 16, 1981. The meteorite was recovered in June 1990.


Main mass: North-East Complex Research Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences Far-East Division, Ul. Portovaya 16, Magadan 685000, Russia.

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