Omslag: Martin Kann

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Omslag: Martin Kann
Studio album by bob hund
Released 1996
Recorded 1995–1996
Genre Rock
Length 40:37
Label Silence Records
Producer bob hund, Per Sunding and Zqaty
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bob hund
Omslag: Martin Kann
Jag rear ut min själ! Allt skall bort!!! (1998)
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]

Omslag: Martin Kann is the Swedish band bob hund's second full-length music album. The album actually has no title, but since the words "Omslag: Martin Kann" (meaning "Cover: Martin Kann") can be read on the cover, this has become its informal name. The cover is indeed designed by Martin Kann, who also features as the face on the front.

The album features mostly mid-tempo rock songs with humorous, slightly surreal lyrics, such as "Papperspåse", where the narrator wears a paper bag over his head, while riding the bus, noting a "un-swedish mood" around him. Allmusic praised the album, calling it "a more varied and dynamic album than 1994's rather one-dimensional Bob Hund".

The album peaked at number 11 on the Swedish charts.[2] The band, and the album, was awarded Best Lyrics at the Swedish Grammy Awards.[3]

Track listing[edit]

(English translation within parentheses)

  1. "En pratstund" - 3:28 ("A chat")
  2. "Sommaren rasar" - 4:28 ("The summer's raging")
  3. "Upp, upp, upp, ner" - 3:18 ("Up, up, up, down")
  4. "Förträngda problem" - 4:41 ("Repressed problems")
  5. "bob hund" - 2:06
  6. "Reinkarnerad exakt som förut" - 4:26 ("Reincarnated exactly like before")
  7. "Nånting måste göras" - 4:04 ("Something must be done")
  8. "Indianernas park" - 4:07 ("The indians' park")
  9. "Düsseldorf" - 3:53
  10. "Papperspåse" - 6:00 ("Paper bag")
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