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On-U Sound Records

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On-U Sound Records
FoundedMay 1979
FounderAdrian Sherwood and Pete Holdsworth
GenreDub, reggae, experimental, electronic
Country of originUK
Official websitehttp://www.on-usound.com

On-U Sound Records is an English record label known for releasing its own unique flavour of dub music since the 1980s.[1] The label was founded by Adrian Sherwood in 1979/1980[2][3][4] and is home to acts such as Tackhead, Dub Syndicate, African Head Charge, Akabu,[5][6] The London Underground, Little Annie, Creation Rebel, Mark Stewart, Gary Clail (who would have a number of Top 40 hits, like "Human Nature", credited to Gary Clail On-U Sound System),[7][8] New Age Steppers, Audio Active, Asian Dub Foundation, and the dub collective Singers & Players.[9]

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