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Víctor Martínez led all of Major League Baseball in 2014 with an OPSBI of 1077, the lowest league-leading total since 1984.

On-base plus slugging plus runs batted in (OPSBI) is a baseball statistic calculated as the normalized sum of a player's on-base percentage and slugging percentage added to their runs batted in. Former Major League Baseball general manager, Jim Bowden, created this statistic.[1] Hall of Fame outfielder, Babe Ruth, holds both the single-season and career OPSBI records.


The basic formula is

where OBP is on-base percentage and SLG is slugging average. These averages are defined as:



Rewriting the expression to account for the different denominators yields the final expression for OPSBI:


The Top 10 single-season OPSBI performances in Major League Baseball history:

Rank Year Player OPSBI
1st 1921 Babe Ruth 1529
2nd 2004 Barry Bonds 1522
3rd 1920 Babe Ruth 1519
4th 2001 Barry Bonds 1515
5th 2002 Barry Bonds 1491
6th 1923 Babe Ruth 1440
7th 1927 Babe Ruth 1422
8th 1927 Lou Gehrig 1414
9th 1941 Ted Williams 1408
10th 1926 Babe Ruth 1403

The Top 10 MLB players in lifetime OPSBI through the 2013 season are (active players in bold):

Rank Player OPSBI
1st Babe Ruth 3381
2nd Hank Aaron 3226
3rd Lou Gehrig 3074
4th Barry Bonds 3047
5th Jimmie Foxx 2959
6th Ted Williams 2955
7th Stan Musial 2927
8th Cap Anson 2914
9th Alex Rodriguez 2911
10th Ty Cobb 2882

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