On-Line Entertainment

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On-Line Entertainment
Industry Computer and video games
Fate Acquired by On-Line PLC.
Founded 1989; 27 years ago
Defunct 1996; 20 years ago
Headquarters United Kingdom
Key people
Clement Chambers
Micheal Hodges

On-line was a company based in the UK who made computer games. It was founded in 1989 and defuncted in 1996.


Founded in 1989 by computer veterans Clement Chambers and Micheal Hodges. On-line was one of the first to make CD-ROM boxed software. They made computer games and software for a couple of systems (CDTV and MS-DOS).

In 1995, collaborating with Transylvania Interactive, On-line started developing The Rocky Interactive Horror Show. It was acquired by On-Line, a stock market company. in 1996.


Air Warrior(1990)

Chaos in Andromeda: Eyes of the Eagle(1991)

The Town With No Name(1992)

Battle Bound(1991)

Hell Hole(1991)

Cover Girl Strip Poker(1991)

Challenge Golf(1991)

Turning Points(1994)


Psycho Killer(1992)

Rocky Interactive Horror Show(1999)