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OnApp cloud platform
Developer(s)OnApp Limited
Initial release2.0 2010-07-19[1]
Stable release
6.2 stable
PlatformHypervisors (Xen, KVM, VMware, EC2)
TypePublic and private cloud computing

OnApp is a London, UK-based software company. Its software enables service providers to build, operate and sell IaaS[2] public cloud, private cloud and Content Delivery Network services. OnApp also operates the OnApp Federation,[3] a wholesale cloud infrastructure marketplace, which enables service providers to buy and sell cloud infrastructure managed by OnApp software; and enables enterprises to adopt a hybrid cloud model by combining their on-premises cloud infrastructure with public cloud resources. OnApp was founded in 2010.[4]

List of products[edit]

  • OnApp Cloud[5] enables service providers to manage and sell different types of cloud hosting service. It includes a range of tools for server orchestration and virtual appliance management, and managing associated functions such as metering, monitoring, failover, backups, security, billing, user permissions and limits; plus Software Defined Networking and Software Defined Storage capabilities. OnApp Cloud is managed via a graphical user interface which is available for web browsers, iOS and Android devices; or via its REST API
  • OnApp CPaaS[6] provides OnApp cloud software and infrastructure as a fully managed service
  • OnApp CDN[7] enables service providers to create their own Content Delivery Network services
  • OnApp Edge Accelerator[8] is a patented, automated content optimization and distribution tool for web applications running on a virtual server in OnApp clouds
  • OnApp for vCloud Director[9] enables OnApp to be used as a management, provisioning and billing portal for VMware vCloud Director
  • OnApp for vCenter[10] enables OnApp to be used as a management, provisioning and billing portal for VMware vCenter environments
  • OnApp Federation[11] is a wholesale marketplace where service providers can buy and sell cloud infrastructure on demand


OnApp partnerships include:

  • Intel - OnApp is an Intel Cloud Builders Solution Partner[12]
  • VMware - OnApp is a recommended portal partner for VMware Cloud Providers[13]
  • Dell - OnApp is a Dell Technology Partner, and in 2016 announced a range of "instant cloud appliances" for service providers, in which OnApp software is pre-installed on Dell servers at the factory, and shipped direct to customers[14]


On 8 August 2011 OnApp announced the acquisition of Aflexi, a CDN management software company[15]

On 16 September 2014 OnApp announced the acquisition of SolusVM, a virtual server management software company[16]. On 7 June 2018, SolusVM was acquired from OnApp by Plesk[17]


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