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OnApp cloud platform
Developer(s)OnApp Limited
Initial release2.0 2010-07-19[1]
Stable release
PlatformHypervisors (Xen, KVM, VMware, EC2)
TypePublic and private cloud computing

OnApp is a London, UK-based software company. Its software enables service providers and enterprises to build and operate IaaS[2] public cloud, private cloud, Disaster Recovery and Content Delivery Network environments. OnApp also operates the OnApp Federation,[3] a wholesale cloud infrastructure marketplace, which enables service providers to buy and sell cloud infrastructure managed by OnApp software; and enables enterprises to adopt a hybrid cloud model by combining their on-premises cloud infrastructure with public cloud resources. OnApp was founded in 2010.[4]

List of products[edit]

  • Turnkey Private Cloud Appliances[5] combine OnApp cloud management software with Intel server hardware, as an integrated appliance for on-premises cloud
  • OnApp Cloud[6] enables service providers to manage and sell different types of cloud hosting service. It includes a range of tools for server orchestration and virtual appliance management, and managing associated functions such as metering, monitoring, failover, backups, security, billing, user permissions and limits. OnApp Cloud is managed via a graphical user interface which is available for web browsers, iOS and Android devices; or via its REST API
  • OnApp Storage[7] is a software-defined storage system for OnApp Cloud
  • OnApp CDN[8] enables service providers to create their own Content Delivery Network services
  • OnApp DRaaS[9] (Disaster Recovery as a Service) provides real-time replication and restore of virtual servers running in OnApp clouds
  • OnApp Accelerator[10] is an automated content optimization and distribution tool for web applications running on a virtual server in OnApp clouds
  • OnApp Application Server[11] enables a library of software applications to be installed with a virtual server hosted in an OnApp cloud
  • OnApp for vCloud Air Network[12] enables OnApp to be used as a management, provisioning and billing portal for service provider clouds running on VMware vCloud Director
  • OnApp Federation[13] is a wholesale marketplace where service providers can buy and sell cloud infrastructure on demand


OnApp partnerships include:

  • Intel - OnApp is an Intel Cloud Builders Solution Partner[14]
  • VMware - OnApp is a recommended portal partner for VMware vCloud Air Network service providers[15]
  • Dell - OnApp is a Dell Technology Partner, and in 2016 announced a range of "instant cloud appliances" for service providers, in which OnApp software is pre-installed on Dell servers at the factory, and shipped direct to customers[16]


On 8 August 2011 OnApp announced the acquisition of Aflexi, a CDN management software company[17]

On 16 September 2014 OnApp announced the acquisition of SolusVM, a virtual server management software company[18]


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