On Baile's Strand

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On Baile's Strand
In the Sevens Woods by W. B. Yeats, Dun Emer Press, 1903.jpg
On Baile's Strand was first published in the 1903 poetry volume In the Seven Woods (cover pictured)
Written byW. B. Yeats
Date premieredDecember 27, 1904 (1904-12-27)
Place premieredAbbey Theatre
Original languageEnglish
SubjectIrish folklore

On Baile's Strand is a play written by W. B. Yeats and first printed in In the Seven Woods published by Dun Emer Press in 1903.[1] The play was first performed at the grand opening of the Abbey Theatre on 27 December 1904.[2] The play is based on the Irish folk hero Cuchulain.[1]


The story is based on the early Irish folk story Aided Óenfhir Aífe, but with significant changes to the tale including the addition of a comic subplot. The play received significant revision in 1905.[3]


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