On Overgrown Paths

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On Overgrown Paths
Author Knut Hamsun
Translator Sverre Lyngstad
Country Norway
Language Norwegian
Genre Diary
Publisher Green Integer
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
ISBN 1-892295-10-5
OCLC 42690449

On Overgrown Paths is the English title of a 1949 novel by Norwegian author Knut Hamsun, and is seen as the author's attempt at proving his soundness of mind after his sanity was called into question.[1] It was his last literary work.[1] The book is part fiction, part diary, part an old man's apologia and part a pamphlet in opposition to the ruling given in the 1948 court trial against him, that he had "permanently impaired mental abilities".

The original Norwegian version was titled Paa gjengrodde Stier.

English editions[edit]

The first translation to English was published in 1967.

One translation was done by Sverre Lyngstad.[citation needed]

Other languages[edit]

The novel has been published in German, Italian, Spanish, Icelandic,[2] Serbian (translated by Mirko Rumac; Beograd: LOM, 2011), Bosnian and French.[3] The Bosnian translation was done by Munim Delalic, and it was published by Dobra knjiga d.o.o., Sarajevo, in 2014.


The writing of this book is shown, in part, in the film Hamsun (1996), directed by Jan Troell. In the film, Hamsun is portrayed by Swedish actor Max von Sydow.


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