On Reading as True Travel

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"On reading as true travel"
Author J. M. G. Le Clézio
Original title "Sur la lecture comme le vrai voyage"
Country France
Language French
Genre Essay
Publisher British Library Serials
Pages pages

On reading as true travel (De la lecture comme seul voyage was the original title of this essay written in French[1]) by French Nobel laureate J. M. G. Le Clézio.

Translated from the French[edit]

It may have been originally published in French. It was translated from the French  into English by Julia Abramson[2] as "On reading as true travel" and published in English in 2002.

British Library Serials[edit]

Published by British Library Serials
(Shelfmark: 9356.558600)[3] Can be read online at findarticles . com [4] Digital document as download from Essential Books[5]

Publication history[edit]

"Sur la lecture comme le vrai voyage" was written in French. The original title of the essay could be supposed to have been De la lecture comme seul voyage (no publication sources found).


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