On This Perfect Day

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On This Perfect Day
On this perfect day cover.jpg
Studio album by Guilt Machine
Released 28 August 2009[1]
Recorded 2009
Genre Progressive metal
Length 57:37
Label Mascot
Producer Arjen Anthony Lucassen
Arjen Anthony Lucassen chronology
(2008) Timeline2008
On This Perfect Day
(2009) On This Perfect Day2009
Victims of the Modern Age
(2010) Victims of the Modern Age2010

On This Perfect Day is the debut album by Arjen Anthony Lucassen's side project Guilt Machine, released in August 2009. The cover of the album was made by Christophe Dessaigne, an artist discovered by Arjen Lucassen on Flickr.[1]

Album information[edit]

The album features several audio messages sent by fans throughout the songs. The music deals with "the destructive psychology of guilt, regret and the darkest form of secret -- the secrets we hide from ourselves.",[2] and the music ranges "from dark and heavy to atmospheric and melancholic.",[2] as can be noticed via the preview track published at the band's MySpace page.[3]

Track listing[edit]

CD (all editions)[edit]

All music by Arjen Anthony Lucassen, all lyrics by Lori Linstruth.

No. Title Length
1. "Twisted Coil" 11:43
2. "Leland Street" 8:03
3. "Green and Cream" 10:32
4. "Season of Denial" 10:22
5. "Over" 6:11
6. "Perfection?" 10:47

DVD (Limited and Special editions only)[edit]

Audio Bonus Tracks
  1. The Stranger Song (Leonard Cohen cover) - vocals Jasper (4:53)
  2. Michelangelo (The 23rd Turnoff cover) - vocals Arjen (3:23)
  3. Fan Messages (8:14)
  4. Perfection? - guide vocals Arjen (9:37)
  5. Twisted Coil - radio edit (4:17)
  6. Pull me out of the Dark - radio edit (Green and Cream) (3:36)
  7. Over - radio edit (3:56)
  1. Trailer "On this Perfect Day" (4:33)
  2. Making of the Trailer (3:44)
  3. Interview with Guilt Machine (40:03)


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Dangerdog.com 4.5/5 stars[4]
Metal Storm 9/10 stars[5]
Metalunderground.com 5/5 stars[6]
Progrockmusictalk.com 4/5 stars[7]
Reveletionz.net 7.5/10 stars[8]
Seaoftranquility.org 4/5 stars[9]

Since its release, On This Perfect Day has received strongly favorable reviews. Elements that were praised included Steverlinck's voice and the dark atmosphere developed by Lucassen; Metal Storm considers it "the darkest and most melancholic [album] the Dutchman has ever released".[5]

Metal Storm gave the album a rating of 9/10 while stating that the album enjoyed "a promising line-up" and "emotional vocal work that builds up intensity as it goes".[5] Metal Underground remarked that it is "a bold combination of grit, beauty, and strong themes riding the line between progressive metal and rock".[6] RevelationZ considers this album as "overall a great album and another worthy addition to the Lucassen catalogue."[8]

Reviews differ about its similarity with Lucassen's previous works. Metal Storm stated, "from all of his side-projects, this is probably the one closest to Ayreon"[5] and Dangerdog.com calls it "different, but the same".[4] However, Sea of Tranquillity stated, "I'm sure there are going to be plenty of Ayreon fans who might balk at the overabundance of atmospheric and mellow moments here and miss the more upbeat and bombastic elements of Lucassen's other releases".[9]


Guilt Machine
Guest Musicians
Additional vocals
  • Rozemarijin, Stephan Venker, Ripley, Anonymous, Frederic Dessaigne, Rano Zangana, Masumi Hodgson, Jon Mellado, Ahlroos, Sen, Anonymous, Haydee Garde, Casper Sorensen, Andrew Hyslop, Jardar Folling, Pax, Vinicius TT1, Petho-Devay Ildiko, Claudia M. Luisa Murella – Spoken messages (in order of appearance)
  • Arjen Anthony Lucassen – production, mixing
  • Christophe Dessaigne – artwork photography
  • Jasper van Tilburgh – band photos
  • Thomas Ewerhard – logo and layout
  • Peter Brussée – mastering


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