On Thursday We Leave for Home

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"On Thursday We Leave for Home"
The Twilight Zone episode
Episode no. Season 4
Episode 16
Directed by Buzz Kulik
Written by Rod Serling
Featured music Stock
Production code 4868
Original air date May 2, 1963
Guest appearance(s)

James Whitmore: Captain William Benteen
Tim O'Connor: Colonel Sloane
James Broderick: Al Baines
Paul Langton: George
Jo Helton: Julie
Mercedes Shirley: Joan
Russ Bender: Hank
Danny Kulick: Jo-Jo (as Daniel Kulick)
Madge Kennedy: Colonist
John Ward: Colonist
Shirley O'Hara: Colonist
Tony Benson: Colonist (as Anthony Benson)
Lew Gallo: Lt. Engle

Episode chronology
← Previous
"The Incredible World of Horace Ford"
Next →
"Passage on the Lady Anne"
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"On Thursday We Leave for Home" is an episode of the American television anthology series The Twilight Zone.

Opening narration[edit]


Thirty years before, in 1991, an expedition to the hellish desert planet V9-Gamma was stranded, and the people had no choice but to begin their small settlement there. The group's leader, Captain Benteen, has maintained a totalitarian grip upon the group; he believes that his strict discipline prevents them from giving up hope in the harsh, unyielding environment. When a rescue mission from Earth finally arrives, Benteen is at first as jubilant as the others, but then he quickly begins to raise objections to his loss of control over them. When he realizes that the colonists do not intend to stay in a group on their return to Earth, he tries to persuade them to stay. Everyone else chooses to return home, but Benteen announces that he will remain behind, alone if he must.

On the day the people board the ship, the rescue mission's Colonel Sloane and Benteen's second-in-command, Al Baines, search for Benteen to give him one last chance to change his mind, but he is nowhere to be found. After they give up and leave, he emerges from the top of the cave that had sheltered his people. As the ship prepares for takeoff, Benteen talks to his people as if they are still there. Then, remembering the beauty of Earth, he realizes that he is alone and wants to go home. He rushes out screaming for the ship to come back, but it is too late. He is now stranded on V9-Gamma for the rest of his life, completely alone in the barren, lifeless deserts.

Closing narration[edit]

Production notes[edit]

The rescue crew's ship and uniforms were leftover props from MGM's 1956 film Forbidden Planet.

When you see the captain in the cave near the power panel a few minutes into the episode, you can see a filming mistake where a microphone boom appears on the bottom right of the picture for some time.

A crew member shirt, also used in the episode "Death Ship" was offered at auction in late September 2015 by Profiles in History with an estimated value of US$1,000 to $1,500, with a winning bid of US$1,600.[1]


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