On Tha Cool

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On Tha Cool
On tha Cool.jpg
Studio album by Baby Beesh
Released June 11, 2002
Genre West Coast hip hop, hip hop
Length 68:52
Label Dope House
Producer Happy P, Johnny Z, Big Ice
Baby Beesh chronology
Savage Dreams
On Tha Cool
Tha Smokin' Nephew
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars link
RapReviews 7/10 stars link

On Tha Cool is the second studio album by the American rapper Baby Beesh, released on June 11, 2002, on Dope House Records. It was produced by Happy P and Johnny Z. The album has guest performances by SPM, Jay Tee, Russell Lee, Don Cisco, Mr. Shadow and DJ Kane.

The songs "Vamanos" and "They Don't Even Know" also appeared on the album Velvetism.

Track Listing[edit]

# Title Featured Guest(s) Length
1 "Intro (Aw Naw)" 4:11
2 "Feelin' Me" Russell Lee 4:09
3 "Vamanos" Jay Tee & Merciless 4:13
4 "On Tha Cool" DJ Kane 4:18
5 "They Don't Even Know" Jay Tee & Don Cisco 5:04
6 "Posted Up" 3:40
7 "Woy Oy" Rasheed 5:01
8 "Dime Piece" Russell Lee 4:08
9 "Too Many Things" Grimm & Ayana 4:01
10 "Short Skirts" South Park Mexican 3:47
11 "Hydro Luv" Russell Lee 3:24
12 "Yesterday" Russell Lee 2:09
13 "On da Go" Ayana 3:53
14 "Head Hunta" Powda & Tony Montana 3:27
15 "Early in da Morning" Mario Ayala & Meno Bay Bee 4:46
16 "In Motion" Mr. Shadow 4:03
17 "Untitled" (Hidden Track) Lucky Luciano 4:38

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