On the Bus with Rosa Parks

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On the Bus with Rosa Parks
On the Bus with Rosa Parks.jpg
AuthorRita Dove
CountryUnited States
Publication date
Media typePrint
Pages95 pp.
811/.54 21
LC ClassPS3554.O884 O52 1999
Preceded byMother Love 
Followed byAmerican Smooth 

On the Bus with Rosa Parks is a poetry book by Rita Dove.[1]


  • July, 1925
  • Night
  • Birth
  • Lake Erie skyline, 1930
  • Depression years
  • Homework
  • Graduation, grammar school
  • Painting the town
  • Easter Sunday, 1940
  • Nightwatch. The son
  • Singsong
  • I cut my finger once on purpose
  • Parlor
  • The first book
  • Maple Valley Branch Library, 1967
  • Freedom: bird's-eye view
  • Testimonial
  • Dawn revisited
  • My mother enters the work force
  • Black on a Saturday night
  • The musician talks about "process"
  • Sunday
  • The camel comes to us from the barbarians
  • The Venus of Willendorf
  • Incarnation in Phoenix
  • Best Western Motor Lodge, AAA approved
  • Revenant
  • On Veronica
  • There came a soul
  • The peach orchard
  • Against repose Against self-pity
  • Götterdämmerung
  • Ghost walk
  • Lady Freedom among us
  • For Sophie, who'll be in first grade in the year 2000
  • Sit back, relax
  • "The situation is intolerable"
  • Freedom ride
  • Climbing in
  • Claudette Colvin goes to work
  • The enactment
  • Rosa
  • QE2. Transatlantic crossing. Third Day.
  • In the lobby of the Warner Theatre, Washington, D.C.
  • The pond, porch-view: six P.M., early spring.


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