On the Eve of Destruction: 1991–1995

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On the Eve of Destruction: 1991-1995
The Suicide Machines - On the Eve of Destruction 1991-1995 cover.jpg
Compilation album by The Suicide Machines
Released 2005
Recorded 1991-1995
Genre Punk rock, ska punk, hardcore punk
Label Noise Riot
The Suicide Machines chronology
War Profiteering is Killing Us All
(2005)War Profiteering is Killing Us All2005
On the Eve of Destruction: 1991-1995

On the Eve of Destruction: 1991–1995 is a compilation album by the Detroit, Michigan punk rock band The Suicide Machines, released in 2005 by Noise Riot Records. It collects nearly all the tracks from the band's early releases, including The Essential Kevorkian and Green World demos, the "Vans Song" single, and other demos and rare tracks. Several of the songs were re-recorded for the band's debut album Destruction by Definition in 1996 but appear here in early, rawer forms. It was the first release from Noise Riot, a label founded by Suicide Machines singer Jason Navarro. It was the band's final release, as they broke up the following year.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by The Suicide Machines

  1. "Skachoo!"
  2. "Everyday Life"
  3. "Pre Fab People"
  4. "Green World"
  5. "With Sunshine"
  6. "Inside/Outside"
  7. "The Golfing Song"
  8. "The Vans Song"
  9. "Drunken Jocks..."
  10. "Ugly Place"
  11. "Snotrag"
  12. "Friends Are Hard to Find"
  13. "Something and Nothing"
  14. "Heyska!"
  15. "New Girl"
  16. "The Real You"
  17. "Too Much"
  18. "90210h No!"
  19. "Hey"
  20. "Whatsername"
  21. "Bonkers"
  22. "Suicide Machines"
  23. "She's Not Worth It"
  24. "Little Home"
  25. "Too Much"
  26. "Vans Dub"
  27. "Post Office Death Squad"
  28. "Inside/Outside (reprise)"


Album information[edit]

  • Record label: Noise Riot Records
  • All songs written by The Suicide Machines
  • Mastered by Tim Pok
  • Art direction and design by Mark A. Penxa